Antara Jyoti Jalaao Sai

Brahma Sanaatani Dayaa Karo

Dayaa Karo Hey Poorna Jyotir Mayi

Shiva Shakti Mayi Kripaa Karo

Deena Dayaa Mayi Patita Paavani

Sai Jaga Janani Dayaa Karo

Sai Jaga Janani Kripaa Karo


O Dearest Divine Mother Sri Sai, kindly Illumine The Inner Light within us. Thou art The Embodiment of Lord Brahma The Eternal Creator. Thou art The Divine Source of The Cosmos, Who Beholds Righteousness and art The ONE, Who art Worshipped since Time Immemorial in The Traditional Hindu Religion. O Effulgent Divine Energy, kindly Shower upon us Thy Compassion and Grace. Thou art The Form of both Lord Shiva and Mother Shakti – The Inseparable Aspects of ONE Reality. Mother Shakti weaves the web of Maya and is The All-Pervading Divine Universal Supreme Energy and The Feminine Aspect of Godhead. Lord Shiva, is The All Auspicious, All Transcendent Reality clothed beautifully in Maya. O Most Beloved Divine Mother Sri Sai, Thou art The Saviour of the miserable and down-trodden ones. Thou art The Most Magnificient, Supreme Divine Mother of The Entire Cosmos.


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