Annapoorneshwari Paalaya Maam

Aadi Paraa Shakti Paalayaa

Sri Bhuvaneshwari Paalaya Maam

Sri Jagadishwari Paalayaa

Annapoorneshwari Paalaya Maam

Aadi Paraa Shakti Paalayaa

Parthi Purishwari Paalaya Maam

Sai Maheshwari Paalayaa

Sundara Roope Paalaya Maam

Sthira Sukha Daayini Paalayaa


O Supreme Divine Mother Annapoorna, Thou art The Bestower of Plenty. Kindly Protect me. Thou art The Most Magnificient, Supreme Divine Mother of The Entire Cosmos. Thou art our Most Beloved Supreme Divine Mother Sai of Puttaparthi. Thou art The Form of both, Lord Shiva and Mother Shakti – The Inseparable Aspects of ONE Reality. Thou weaves the web of Maya and art The All-Pervading Divine Universal Supreme Energy and The Feminine Aspect of Godhead. Lord Shiva is The All Auspicious, All Transcendent Reality clothed beautifully in Maya. Thou art The Grantor and Bestower of Eternal Happiness.


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