Ambe Maataa

Sai Maataa

Janani Maataa

Mujhe Raaha Dikhaa De Maa

Nija Bhakti Mujhe Do Maa

Hey Maataa Bhavaani Maa

Shiva Shakti Roopini Sai Maa


O Most Beloved Divine Mother Amba, Thou art Mother Sai, The Most Magnificient Supreme Divine Mother of The Entire Cosmos. Kindly Guide me and Grant me Immense Devotion. O Mother Sai Thou art The Form of Both Lord Shiva and Mother Shakti – The Inseparable Aspects of ONE Reality. Thou weaves the web of Maya and art The All-Pervading, Divine Universal Supreme Energy and The Feminine Aspect of Godhead. Lord Shiva is The All Auspicious All Transcendent Reality clothed beautifully in Maya.


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