Annapoorne Vishaalaakshi

Akhila Bhuvana Saakshi Kataakshi

Annapoorne Vishaalakshi

Unnata Kartita Teera Vihaarini

Omkaarini Dooritaa Trinivaarini

Pannaga Bharanaa Raagini Sudhaani

Parameshwara Vishweshwara Bhaaskara

Annapoorne Vishaalaakshi

Akhila Bhuvana Saakshi Kataakshi

Paayasa Annapoorita Maanikya

Patra Khema Dharini Vihita Kale

Kaaya Jaati Tatkshani Nipuna Dhare

Kaanchana Maya Bhushanaa Bhara Tale

Toyajaasanaadhi Sevita Pare

Tumburu Naaradaa Dhi Nuta Pare

Trayaatita Moksha Prataja Dure

Tripada Shobhita Guru Mukha Daasa Re


O Divine Mother Annapoorna, Thou Has Beautiful, Swift Moving Big Eyes and art The Ever-Lasting Provider of all. Thou art The Magnificient, Supreme Divine Mother of The Entire Cosmos. Thou art The Divine Eternal Witness, Who Protects us with Thy Divine Glance. Thou Resides on The Banks of the river and Bestows Prosperity on us. Thou art The Embodiment of The Primeval Sound ‘Om’ and art The Destroyer of our past, present and future sins. Thou art The Beloved Divine Consort of The Serpent-Adorned Lord Shiva, Who is The Most Auspicious Supreme Divine Lord of The Entire Cosmos. O Beloved Divine Mother, Thou art Fond of Fine Arts and Thou Bestows on us Knowledge and Divine Ambrosia. Thou carries in Thy Hands Payasam (a sweet dish made of milk, rice, sugar and dry fruits by boiling it all together) and other Food in a Golden Bowl, embedded with Rubies and other precious stones. Thou holds The Bowl in Thy Hands and Destroys all our sins. Thou Changes various Forms by Thy Will. From head to toe Thy Beautiful Golden Body is Adorned with various types of Jewellery. In this Kaliyuga, Thou Carries the burden of being our Saviour and Sustainer. O Mother Lakshmi, Thou art The Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity and since Time Immemorial Thou art Seated Beautifully with Thy Beloved Divine Consort Lord Sri Vishnu – Who Resides in The Ocean of Milk. The Divine Celestial Sage Narad, Who sings and chants incessantly The Divine Name of Lord Sri Hari, Loves and Worships Thee, as HIS Divine Mother. O Divine Mother since all Ages Thou art The Eternal Liberator and art The Destroyer of Evil. Thou art our Most Beloved, Supreme Divine Master and we Thy devotees, sing and chant Thy Divine Glory incessantly.


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