Akhilaandeshwari Raaja Raajeshwari

Dayaa Saagari Parama Kripaa Kari

Saamba Vinodini Shiva Sai Shankari (3)

Mangala Gauri Maataa Maheshwari

[Saamba Vinodini Shiva Sai Shankari (5)

Ambaa Shiva Sai Shankari (3)]


O Most Beloved, Most Magnificient Supreme Divine Mother Sai, Thou art All-Pervading and art The Divine Queen of Queens. Thou art The Ocean of Mercy and Compassion and art The Supreme Bestower of Eternal Divine Grace. O Mother Gauri, Thou art The Ever-Auspicious Delight and Divine Consort of Lord Shiva Who is The Most Auspicious, Supreme Divine Lord of The Entire Cosmos.


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