Akhilaandeshwari Raaja Raajeshwari

Durgaa Bhavaani Naaraayani

Mahaa Maayaa Shiva Shakti Swaroopini

Veda Vilaasini Naaraayani


O Most Magnificient, Supreme Divine Mother Goddess of The Entire Cosmos, Thou art The Supreme Divine Queen of Queens. Thou art called by different names such as Durga, Bhavani and Narayani. Thou art The Form of both Lord Shiva and Mother Shakti – The Inseparable Aspects of ONE Reality. Thou weaves the web of Maya and art The All-Pervading, Divine Universal Supreme Energy and The Feminine Aspect of Godhead. Lord Shiva is The All Auspicious, All Transcendent Reality clothed beautifully in Maya. Thou art Mother Lakshmi – The Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity and art The Beloved Divine Consort of Lord Sri Narayana. Thou art The Most Resplendent ONE and art The Mother of Vedas. The Vedas are actually The Very Breath of God. The Unique Importance of Vedas rests in the fact that The Vedas Confer Peace and Security on the entire society.


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