Akhanda Jyoti Jalaao Sai Mana Mandira Mein

Akhanda Jyoti Jalaao

Koti Surya Sama Teja Swaroopaa

Sai Tuma Ho Divya Swaroopaa

Akhanda Jyoti Jalaao

Divya Jyoti Gyaana Jyoti Prema Jyoti Jalaao

Akhanda Jyoti Jalaao

[Akhanda Jyoti Jalaao (6)]


O Most Beloved Divine Lord Sri Sai kindly Illuminate The Temple of my mind with Thy Eternal Flame of Divine Knowledge that Glows continuously having the Effulgence of Millions of Suns. Thou art The Embodiment of Divinity. O Lord Sri Sai kindly Illuminate my intelligence with The Eternal Flame Of Divinity, Knowledge and Love so that it glows forever endlessly.


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