Agara Vaasaa Yuga Narasimhaa

Bhava Bhaya Hara Karunaa Kara Shubha Karaa

Sri Kara Sridhara Shankha Chakra Dharaa

Abhaya Kara Nara Hara Gambhiraa

Agara Vaasaa Yuga Narasimhaa

Hiranya Saunhaaraa Paapa Vidooraa

Paraatparaa Parthi Vihaaraa

Sundara Supriya Sathya Saishwaraa

Prahlaad Aashraya Veera Gunaa Karaa


O Lord Sri Narasimha Thou Incarnated in a Ferocious Form. Thou art The Destroyer of the fear of the innumerable cycle of births and deaths and art Most Merciful and Most Compassionate. Thou art The Bestower of All Auspiciousness. Thou art The Beloved Divine Lord of Mother Lakshmi, Who is The Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity and Thou holds The Shankha i.e. The Conch and The Chakra i.e. The Wheel. Thou art The Bestower of Fearlessness and art The Destroyer of sin. Thou art The Destroyer of Hiranyakashipu. O Most Beloved Divine Lord Sri Sathya Sai of Parthi, Thou art Most Beautiful and Most Loving. Thou art The ONE Who Protected Prahlad while he was in trouble. (Story of Lord Sri Narasimha – Hiranyakashipu the brother of Hiranyaksha who was killed by The Varaha Avatar of Lord Sri Vishnu wanted to take revenge, against Lord Sri Vishnu and The Devatas. He wanted to become the master of all the three worlds i.e. – Heaven, Earth and Patal. He performed intense penance. When Lord Brahma appeared before him, he asked for the boon of immortality. Lord Brahma however declined saying, “All living beings must face death – Hiranyakashipu. You can however choose your death wish.” Then Hiranyakashipu asked for three conditions as his death wish – “O Brahma let not death come to me either by man or beast, nor devil nor God shall cause my death, by day or by night, by steel, stone or wood, indoors or outdoors, nor on earth or in the sky.” Lord Brahma granted this boon. Thus he practically became immortal. He then became a tyrant and banned all poojas of Lord Sri Vishnu and declared himself as God. The Devatas were worried and Lord Sri Vishnu consoled them saying, “Hiranyakashipu’s son Prahlad is a devotee of Me. When Hiranyakashpu seeks to kill my devotee, I will slay him.” Thereafter when Prahlad was born in the Ashram of Sage Narada, he received instructions about the Glory of Lord Sri Vishnu from Sage Narada. Prahlad grew up and became an Ardent Devotee of Lord Sri Vishnu. Hiranyakashipu wanted Prahlad to become strong and ruthless, but all his efforts failed. He decided to kill Prahlad but each time he tried, he failed due to the Mystical Power of Lord Sri Vishnu. When asked, Prahlad refuses to acknowledge his father, as The Supreme Lord of The Cosmos and claims that Lord Sri Vishnu is All-Pervading and Omnipresent. Hiranyakashipu pointed out to a nearby pillar and asked if ‘his Vishnu’ is in it: “O most unfortunate Prahlad, you have always described a Supreme Being other than me, a Supreme Being Who is above everything, Who is the Controller of every one and who is All-Pervading, then where is HE? If HE is every where then why is HE not present before me in this pillar? Prahlad answered that HE Was, Is and Will always be everywhere. Unable to control his anger Hiranyakashipu smashed the pillar with his mace and then followed a tumultuous sound. Lord Sri Vishnu appeared in the Form of Narasimha to kill Hiranyakashipu and to protect Prahlad. In accordance to the boons received from Lord Brahma Hiranyakashipu could not be killed by human or animal – Lord Sri Narsamimha is neither of these – HE is part human and part animal. The time was neither day nor night- it was twilight. Neither indoors nor outdoors – it was on the threshold. It was neither earth nor space – it was on HIS Thighs. Neither animate or inanimate things as weapons – Lord Narasimha disemboweled and killed the demon with HIS sharp nails. Even after killing Hiranyakashipu none of the demi-gods present could calm Lord Narasimha’s fury. Even Lord Shiva couldn’t. So all The Gods and Goddesses called HIS Divine Consort Mother Lakshmi but she too was unable to do so. Then at the request of Lord Brahma, Prahlad was presented to Lord Narasimha and then HE was calmed by the prayers of HIS devotee. Before parting Lord Narasimha rewarded the wise Prahlada by crowning him king.) (Swami says, “God in HIS Cosmic Form is called as Lord Sri Vishnu, Who Permeates everything in The Cosmos. God is The Cause and The Cosmos is The Effect. Lord Sri Vishnu is depicted as having a Conch in One Hand, a Wheel in another, in the Third Hand HE carries The Mace and in the Fourth Hand HE Holds The Lotus Flower. The Esoteric Significance of These Symbols is – The Conch is The Symbol of Sound. The Chakra or Wheel symbolises Kaal-Chakra i.e. The Wheel of Time. The Lord is The Master of Time and Sound. The Mace signifies Strength of Power. This means that The Lord Holds in HIS Hand The Strength of all beings. The Lotus in The Lord’s Hand is the symbol of the heart i.e. The Lord Holds in HIS Hands The Hearts of all beings.”)


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