Aao Muraari Bhaiyaa Aao Aao

Hridaya Mandira Mein Aao Muraari

Aao Muraari Bhaiyaa Aao Aao

Darashana Deejo Bhajana Sunaao

Mana Mandira Mein Deepa Jalaao

Baanke Muraari Bhaiyaa Dekhen Muraare


O Most Dearest, Divine Brother Lord Sri Krishna, Thou art The Destroyer of the ferocious demon Mura. We Welcome Thee into The Temple of our hearts. Kindly Grant us Thy Divine Darshan and Sing Bhajans for us. Illuminate the Inner Lamp of our hearts and Enlighten us with Thy Divine Effulgence. Thou stands in a crooked posture and hence art called Baanke. O Most Beloved Divine Brother, kindly keep a watch over us and take care of us.


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