Aananda Sri Sai Parthi Purishaa

Sadaananda Maadhava Prashaanti Vaasaa

Aananda Sri Sai Parthi Purishaa

Sundara Roopa Sri Sacchidaanandaa

Mandara Dhara Govinda Mukundaa


O Most Beloved, Divine Lord Sri Sai of Puttaparthi, Thou art The Embodiment of Supreme, Divine Bliss. Thou art Lord Sri Madhava – The Master of Divine Knowledge and art The Beloved, Divine Lord of Mother Lakshmi, Who is The Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity. Thou art Most Beautiful and art The Existence of Truth, Awareness and Bliss. O Lord Sri Govinda, Thou art The Protector of cows and of The Earth. During The ‘Sagar Manthan’ or The Churning of The Ocean, as Lord Sri Vishnu, Thou had promised The Mandar Mountain, that Thou would Accept its Services later on and so, when Thou arrived as Lord Sri Krishna, Thou gave it the utmost importance as The Govardhan Mountain.


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