Aae Sai Aae Mere Mana Mein Samaae

Chahoon Ora Vibhooti Sugandha Chaa Jaae

Aisi Hai Leelaa Tumhaari O Sai

Saba Ne Saba Ne Apne Mastak Jhukaae

Aaye Sai Aaye Mere Mana Mein Tuma Aae

Prema Ki Jyoti Mere Mana Mein Jal Jaae

Veenaa Ki Taan Madhura Vaani Sunaae

Parthi Mein Parthi Mein Shirdi Avataara Aae


My Most Beloved Divine Lord Sri Sai has Arrived and Installed Himself in my heart. The Divine Scent of Vibhuti has spread all around. It is the symbol of Detachment. Thou art Adorned Beautifully with Vibhuti or The Holy Ash – which is Symbolic of The Ultimate Reality, which remains when the Gross of Ego is Burnt away by the Fire of Divine Illumination. It is the symbol of Detachment. O Most Beloved Divine Lord Sri Sai, such is Thy Divine Miracle that each and every one has bowed their heads down to Thee. O Lord may my heart be Illumined with Thy Divine Effulgence. The Divine Veena is very Joyous and in its most Melodious Tune, announces that Lord Sri Shirdi Sai has Incarnated in Parthi.


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