Aadi Shakti Parabrahma Swaroopini

Moksha De Bhava Dukha Haarini

Aadi Shakti Parabrahma Swaroopini

Ghora Roopa Mahaa Kaali Kapaalini

Sri Jana Paalana Pralaya Kaarini

Charana Sharana Dijo Parthi Nivaasini


O Eternal Ancient Mother Kaali – Thou art The All-Pervading Divine Universal Supreme Energy and art The Embodiment of The Supreme Soul. As Mother Kali, Thou art Time and Thou wears the garland of skulls around Thy Neck and holds a skull as a bowl in Thy Hand. Thou art The Destroyer of all evil. O Destroyer of sorrow, kindly grant us Liberation. Thou art The Final Destructor of The Cosmos and with a Dreadful Form Thou Protects mankind. O Most Beloved, Most Magnificient, Supreme Divine Mother Sai of Parthi, kindly grant us shelter at Thy Divine Lotus Feet.


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