Sai Sai Sathya Sai Hamne Pukaaraa

Tuma Bina Nahin Mujhe Doojaa Sahaaraa

Sai Sai Sathya Sai Hamne Pukaaraa

Dukhiyon Kaa Tuma Dil Kaa Pyaaraa

Garibon Kaa Tuma Aankhon Kaa Taaraa

Mere Liye Tuma Eka Sahaaraa

Sai Mere Liye Tuma Eka Sahara


O Most Beloved Divine Lord, we call Thee as Lord Sri Sathya Sai. We do not have any other support except Thee. Thou art The Beloved Divine Lord of the miserable and down-trodden ones. Thou art The Star of the eyes of the poor. O Sai, for me Thou art The Only Refuge.


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